Head is a longstanding partner of Tennis University. Head specializes in tennis rackets, balls and equipment. A company that leads international standards in sporting products. The headquarters is…

…located in Amsterdam, with other locations in Kennelbach, Austria, and Lin Schwechat, Germany. Head’s story began with the development of the metal sandwich by American skiers and Inventor Howard Head in 1947. In 1950, Howard Head founded the HEAD Ski Company, Inc. Tennis equipment followed a few years later, and today HEAD is one of the most well known equipment suppliers in tennis. Athletes such as Novak Djokovic, the Zverev brothers, Tommy Haas, Florian Mayer, Sloane Stephens, Carina Witthoeft are athletes that use HEAD products. Ambassadors include John McEnroe and Goran Ivanisevic.

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Hessischer Tennis-verband

The Hessian Tennis Association (HTV) has been our key location partner since the founding of the Tennis University to provide our ATP, WTA and ITF players with a professional competitive atmosphere. At the performance center…

… of the HTV, at Rosenhohe 28 in Offenbach, there are a variety of exceptionally equipped indoor and outdoor courts, a physiotherapy, gym, restaurant and accommodation for tennis players. We also have the opportunity to have important discussions with players in professional meeting rooms and spaces.

With 125,000 members in over 750 clubs, the HTV is the third largest sports association in Hesse and the fifth largest tennis federation in German Tennis. The members can train with a total of 2,000 qualified instructors and there are many honorary/full time employees who are available to their club at request. The association promotes tennis in all areas. From individual/team competitions, to top youth and sports activities included. Jungstensport, both senior sports and disability sports are also offered. Just as the Hessian Tennis Association sees itself as a responsible partner towards its member clubs, we want to be a part of that as well. We are grateful that our players can develop in this family esque, and performance oriented environment.

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Kempinski Frankfurt-Gravenbruch

The Kempinski hotel has been a unique partnership since the 2017/18 winter season. A luxurious setting as a 5 star hotel, the Tennis University trains…

…within the hotel area on 2 rebound ace courts. The hotel has 225 rooms and suites, gym, 2000sqm Country Club and Spa with sauna and pool. It also boasts a variety of culinary experiences.
Enjoy regional, Lebanese or Asian delicacies on the terrace by the hotel’s own lake, or in the various restaurant and banquet rooms with views that make you pause for an extra second to take it all in. The hoteliers Kempinski have been creating a fascinating oases of well being since 1897 for guests who do not want to miss 5 star service and luxury on their business, or private trips. It was always ensured that the tradition and the European heritage of Kempinski is not forgotten. A combination of this, as well as the individuality and character of the selected location of the hotel gives the unique character that Kempinski creates. Above all, the pursuit of excellence and the eye for the details are what connect us to the Kempinski Frankfurt Hotel. Would you like to enjoy it for yourself? How about a training day, which you can end with a relaxing time by the fire after? More information can be found here. .

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The Sport-School is a private German school in Mannheim. It supports young athletes to include

… the importance of education in their training curriculum. The school also allows the length of time to complete their education in order to further their academic careers. The Palatinate has developed its own development program which has existed for over 20 years in which many experiences in dealing with young athletes could exist. Ther German Tennis Association also cooperates with the educational institution in Mannheim.

The children have at their disposal a very dedicated staff of long standing teachers who understand the grueling schedules that the athlete undertakes while also completing academic necessities. Teachers are always available, even during school holidays for feedback and advice.

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Laurel Springs School

Tennis University have long partnered with Laurel Springs College in providing our international ITF players with an outstanding education that will keep them…

…busy during their busy schedule.
The accredited online private school supports students who want to or have to maintain flexibility in order to actively compete while growing academically and as a person. Each student is individually accommodated, based on their academic competence on their journey to graduation.

As a result, each individual has the opportunity to concentrate more on the sport at certain times of the year without being left behind and having to catch up on the material in a rush.

The student individually has the flexibility in completing their learning at their pace without the pressures students who attend school regularly comes across. Research shows that asynchronous learning provides more time for self reflection while effectively allowing the development of goals and outcomes.

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Solinco is our string specialist partner. For many years this company has maintained the highest quality string for over 30 years for advanced tennis equipment. Strings,…

…rackets, grips, clothing and other accessories are boasted by Solinco. Their goal is to create high end products that revolutionize the industry with the help of innovative technologies. The heart of this is the dedicated research and development sector which of course in the end the tennis player can then rely on the best quality in each product performance.

Solinco shapes local, and international tennis standards to enjoy our great sport even more. We are extremely lucky to have this progressive outfitter at our side and share our values with them. Together we want to bring tennis closer to all people who are interested in it, and accompany talents and professionals on their way to success.

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Tennis Warehouse Europe

Tennis Warehouse

Tennis Warehouse Europe is an online shop for everything tennis players desires. TW and TU have been working together now exclusively for several years. As the world’s leading tennis…

…retailer their soul purpose comes from the happiness of every tennis player. While operating in The US, Germany and Australia, the company only employs those who come from a tennis background.

The entire workforce is therefore tennis mad, and we are proud to express our grateful partnership with this great company.

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Vitalyte is a dietary supplement for athletes. The aim of this product is to restore and replenish the electrolytes lost through exercise. Bill Gookin…

…developed this product for Tennis Professionals, mountain bikers, football players and soccer players alike. Gookin’s goal with Vitalyte is to provide a sports drink that naturally balances nutrient depletion after physical exertion.
The combination of calcium, potassium, sodium and magnesium is designed to provide the body with the necessary balance in nutrients that is easily absorbed for any sports session. As a result, fatigue is a thing of the past while maintaining focus and clarity both physically and mentally. Vitalyte is free from additives, without coloring or preservatives while being lactose and gluten free.

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Christian Funk Holding GmbH & Co. KG

Christian Funk Holding GmbH & Co. KG



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