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In 2021 we will again be offering a total of 10 weeks of junior tennis camps. Bookings can be made for 1 week at a time, including the following services: Full day of care with lunch and camp shirt, along with accommodations made available upon request.

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Training weeks can be booked year-round. More information

Training weeks can be booked year-round.
More information

Easter camp*

Time period: 11.04 – 22.04.2022
Venue: Hotel Kempinski Gravenbruch, Frankfurt

740 EUR

Summer camp*

Time period: 25.07 – 02.09.2022
Venue: BSC 1899 Offenbach am Main

680 EUR

Autumn camp*

Time period: 24.10. – 28.10.2022
Venue: Hotel Kempinski Gravenbruch, Frankfurt

730 EUR

*Bookable per week.

Booking process

Select a camp, add it to cart and confirm your purchase.

On the specific camp page we will ask for necessary information of each camp participant. We also inquire the skill level of each player to best prepare for the best possible situation on the court in advance. We will ask you for the required contact details when you will start to check out.

Personal confirmation and clarifying of open questions.

After we have received your order confirmation, we will contact you personally to talk about details like accommodation options or other important information. Furthermore we are happy to answer any question you may have regarding the camp you have selected.

Invoice and other Important information

All of your questions are answered for now? Then we would send you an invoice for your desired and booked camp.

What is included per day?

2 tennis sessions

At our junior camps, a ratio of 3 players per coach is maintained for each group. Training is done with the same system as our professional players. The sessions last 60 respectively 90 minutes.


1. Forehand, backhand, volley
and serve drills
2. Matches
3. Mobility and coordination drills

2 fitness sessions

Age appropriate fitness training with focus on tennis-specific movements each day. Sessions contain 30 min and 1 hour units.


1. Dynamic and functional
warm up program
2. Performance diagnostics
3. Guidance of athletes on strength and endurance equipment as well as free
weight training
4. Circuit training
5. Coordination skills and agility
6. Promoting basic conditional skills
(Strength, endurance, speed)
7. Mobility training
8. Muscular performance training
9. Recovery training

All-Round Care

All children are supervised full time, and made available any time by coaches and staff. Accommodation is also available.

Our promise – Experience professional training.

For Junior players ranging in age from 8-18 years old

Training sessions are designed on the basis of each players level, and physical capacity. We want to guarantee that the tennis and fitness sections are challenging, without overloading the player.

Adapted tennis and athletic Sessions

Training sessions are designed on the basis of each players level, and physical capacity. We want to guarantee that the tennis and fitness sections are challenging, without overloading the player.

Immediate proximity to the professionals

The children and young people get the chance to exchange with the professionals of the TU and can watch them during training. The young junior players learn quickly and can learn more about life as a professional.

Maximum of 3 players to 1 Coach

We focus great attention and importance to the effectiveness of our training sessions. In order for each participant to get the most out of their camp week, the small groups are assigned in accordance to each individual, along with the coach who works with them.

Professional potential?

With our approach, we want to recognize the potential of young players early on in their career. Our goal is to identify him or her and show possible pathways beyond the camp with Tennis University.


When does the training begin and end?

Start time on Monday: 8:30h
Tuesday to Friday, depending on which group the player is in. Players will get the final schedule after scouting and lunch on Monday.

Are there enough players to accommodate each skill level?

We try our very best to divide the groups according to skill level. Since we often have never seen the participants, we hold a scouting session on the first day to appropriately group each player. The finalized groups will remain the same throughout the week.

Is accommodation included in the price?

No. Children over 12 years old can stay at our accommodation on site. Younger children must have a guardian staying with them.

Can children under the age of 8 participate?


Do I need to bring linen/towels?


What does the daily training schedule look like?

Same system as the professionals, Mon-Fri: 30 minutes warm up, 150 minutes of tennis, and 60 minutes of fitness.

Is Lunch included in the price?

Yes. Dinner is not included in the price. Please provide some pocket money for your child.

Is supervision and care provided on site?


Do you still have some questions? No Problem! Just send us a message via the button at the end of the page or use the message box of the camp you have already chosen, before you will add it to your cart.


You are interested in our junior tennis camps and we left some questions unanswered or
would you like to meet us? We look forward to your message!