The Buffalo

that distinguishes the buffalo.



The buffalo is one of the strongest animals of the animal kingdom. Our strength and passion, which we invest daily in the tennis sport, should express the buffalo.


Defeats and setbacks are part of every tennis career. We stand together robustly and fight each other. We’ll strengthen your back so you can train carefreet.


No success without assertiveness. In every training session, at every point, in every match. Show everyone that you are better!


Our training consists of technical, tactical, physical and mental elements. This training aims for a long-term performance build-up. We want to succeed with you in the long term.

Our TU Buffalo.

The history of the buffalo

It was the year 2010 when the TU Buffalo was born.

At the initiative of Tennis University’s first fitness coach, the buffalo became our official mascot. He called the player who worked hardest, had the greatest focus, the best attitude, the highest professionalism as well as intensity, “the buffalo”. We liked this idea very much and with a US college background, where every university has a mascot, ours became the buffalo. With the buffalo, we want to embody all of our principles and attributes.

Buffalo of the year

At the end of each year the award “Buffalo of the year” is due. Great sporting achievements, social readiness, extraordinary achievements and a role model for others are rewarded here. Each coach votes in several categories with one vote each for the player who, in his opinion, has earned this award.

We honor the categories Juniors, ITF Players and ATP & WTA Professionals.
We pay tribute to the players with a very special shirt and a certificate, signed by all coaches.
The task of each “Buffalo of the year” is to make a short speech about the personal year on the same evening. Insights, flashbacks and views into the next season are always interesting anecdotes for all players.

The Variants of the buffalo.


the buffalo

the buffalo head

Buffalo of the year