Tue, 27.11.2018

In this edition of Inside TU with coach Rob, we show you the 3 minute drill in developing consistent depth on your ground strokes. Points are made based on where the player lands the ball in the court. Player 1: “The ball machine” should give consistent depth and rhythm for their partner. Player 2: “Depth Seeker” will receive 1 point for balls landing in the service box, 2 points for half court from service line to no mans land, and 3 points for the depth zone past no mans land to the base line. The coach will score how many points Player 2 can achieve within 3 minutes! Enjoy!

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Tennis-University News – 4th week of January

    TU on big stage At the end of January, after an eventful preseason and the ITF tournament at the TU site, everyday life returns to the facility. While ten players have been travelling around the world and competing in ITF and ATP tournaments, the rest who remained...

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Tennis-University News – 3rd week of January

    International tournaments and new faces at the Tennis-University One week before the start of the first Grand Slam of the year, the tennis year 2020 is already running at full speed after a short warm-up time. While Japan's Tatsuma Ito had already secured his main...

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Tennis-University News – 2nd week of January

    New season, new luck for TU players The year 2020 has barely begun when most of our TU players are already scattered all over the world again. India's number one player Praj Gunneswaran, like almost all the world's top pros, set off for Australia. In Bendigo he...

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Tennis-University News – 1st week of January

    New year at the TU In the past few weeks, there was a lot going on at the Tennis University despite the numerous holidays. Shortly before most of our juniors and pros went into a short Christmas break, it was time to call in top performances in the middle of the...

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Tennis-University News – 2nd week of December

    Preseason at the TU Although there are only a few days left until Christmas, things at the TU are anything but contemplative at the moment. About 30 players are working full throttle in December to start the new season optimally prepared.  Our juniors as well as...

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Tennis-University News – 1st week of December

    Advent time at the TU With the return of our juniors from Norway, the 2019 season at the TU is now over. In the upcoming week some of our German professionals will go to the German National Championships in Biberach though, the rest of the players are currently at...

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