Junior program

With a healthy foundation to your success.

The Tennis-University has developed a brand new and exclusive youth development program!

The aim of the program is to promote in total twelve talented, ambitious and tennis-hungry youth players aged 13 and older. In this system, the junior players train at the highest professional level, continue to receive an academic education and are supervised. Hereby the Tennis-University offers the “All-Inclusive” package for all those who want to give their child in professional hands.

Below is the annual package for contract players.

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Our youth development program




Here you see all contract contents. The contracts are signed for at least one year and start every year on 1st of September

  Tennis training

The TU philosophy provides for individual training in all areas. Therefore, we have …

… a maximum of 3 players per coach on the court. We guarantee high intensity and individuality. Training is done twice a day, four times a week.

  Fitness training

The fitness training is also marked by strong individuality. Tournament and training planning, as well as injuries …

… are treated very sensitively in both fitness and tennis training. Training is done four times a week.


Prophylactically we recommend our contract players physiotherapeutic treatments. It…

… is important to prevent injuries by physiotherapy.

  Tournament trips

The TU supervises a total of three tournaments over two weeks each. The trainer plans in agreement with the parents every trip …

The costs for arrival and departure, accommodation and meals on site are exclusive.

 tournament schedule

The TU-coaches holistically plans your training. This includes, among other things, the preparation of suitable tournaments that you should play …

… This happens, like everything in close consultation with the parents.

Fitness plan

The fitness coach creates a tailor-made fitness plan for every single player.

Round-the-clock care

The TU looks after the players not only in tennis and fitness, but also off the court. Us …

… it is extremely important for the young players to create a second home.

Carefree package

With the new youth development program, the TU covers all important areas for the professional training of young people. In …

… every area is worked only by absolute experts.

Individual care

Individuality, personally and familiar. Exactly this atmosphere lays the foundation for a professional and promising work.

Further contract add-ons


  Mental coaching

For the perfect preparation for the next training, game or tournament, every athlete must …

… be mentally fit. Mental fitness makes the difference in important moments of the match. Michael von Kunhardt will be your mental coach, who will look after you all year round.

  nutrition counseling

To tickle out the last percent. These 2-3% make the difference in a 3-hour match. You realize that …

… your opponent physically goes on the gum and you can still play your powerful forehand. This is exactly where we start with our nutritional advice.


Again, it’s about the last percentage points. Customized insoles for foot deformities …

… to correct, let you be tenth of a second earlier on the ball. Beat “Winner” instead of mistakes.


In the vicinity it is always possible to rent apartments. It is important for us that the accommodation is in close proximity to the academy. We are happy to help you to find the right four walls for you.

HTV Hotel

The shortest distance to the academy is the HTV Hotel. Here we can offer you an athlete’s room. Overall, we have 10 rooms available. You are accommodated directly on the layout of the academy. The price is 38 EUR incl. VAT. per night per room.

Hotels nearby

Hotels in the vicinity, with which the TU has a cooperation:

  1. Kempinski Hotel Frankfurt Gravenbruch
  2. Achat Plaza Offenbach
  3. Nordic Hotel

We look forward to you!

You are interested in our youth development program and we left some questions unanswered? Inform yourself further in our brochure about the youth program.

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