ATP & WTA players

A holistic training approach

The Alexander Waske Tennis-University is home to in total 30 tennis professionals. This includes our top players Andrea Petkovic, Michael Mmoh, Prajnesh Gunneswaran and Philipp Petzschner. Furthermore we also train other top athletes who show off their talent in their Davis-Cup matches for India and Egypt. At Alexander Waske Tennis-University, top ATP and WTA players choose our Professional Coaches to help them prepare day in and day out for their season.

Michael Mmoh

Michael has won two challenger titles in a row in the USA and now belongs to the 100 best ATP players.

Andrea Petkovic

Andrea is training at the TU since 2010 and reached career high #9 WTA in 2011.

Sriram Balaji

Sriram Balaji is the first player of TU. He joined in 2010.

Angelique Kerber

Together we achieved semi-finals of Wimbledon in 2012, and as a finalist the following year in 2013.

Philipp Petzschner

The two-time Grand-Slam Champion practices regularly on site in Offenbach since 2014.

Sumit Nagal

Sumit Nagal has won Wimbledon Juniors Doubles in 2015.

Prajnesh Gunneswaran

He is one of our first players and together with Tennis University, he reached a career high of #104 on the ATP tour.

Tommy Haas

Made his comeback with us in 2014.

Petra Martic

She moved up to top 40 WTA in only one year of training at the Tennis-University.

What makes our professionals great.

What makes
our professionals great

Professional players come and go in short intervals during their tournament schedule. It is not uncommon for Andrea Petkovic to prepare for grand slams by hitting with our regular contract players.


Our professionals are focused on attaining every percentage point on and off the court, knowing how important all aspects of their life reflects on their successes.


With great focus, comes great strength and performance. Physical, Mental, Tactical and Technical strengths are the main components of everyday training at Tennis University.


Our professionals reflect our most important philosophy, bringing 110% to every training session. Whether they are on court or in the gym, their commitment and dedication inspires our ITF Junior players.

Andrea Petkovic preparing
for the 2017 US Open

Here, we give you an insight into Andrea Petkovic’s everyday work at Tennis-University with Björn Simon. In this video she is training intense rallies and serves.

Preparing for the Davis Cup
with Prajnesh Gunneswaran

Preparing for the Davis Cup with
Prajnesh Gunneswaran

After winning the bronze medal at the Asian Games, Prajnesh Gunneswaran prepares for his Davis Cup tie against Serbia at Tennis University.

Preparing for Stockholm Open and Antwerp

Michael Mmoh and Ruben Bemelmans prepare for their next tournaments at Tennis University. Michael Mmoh is playing the Stockholm Open in Sweden while Ruben Bemelmans plays the European Open in Antwerp, Belgium.

Preparing for the European Open in Belgium

Philipp Petzschner and Ruben Bemelmans train at Tennis University, preparing to play the European Open in Belgium. Coach Björn Simon is at their side to get the best out of them. Enjoy very intense rallies, excellent footwork and smashing serves.

Typical training week

The pros get a detailed plan to prepare best for the tournaments. These weekly plans are customized to achieve optimal development. In addition to the training, stress control experts are also included, who constantly monitor the fitness of the professionals. In addition, the professionals are available during the week for their diet, their shoes and rackets.

The weekly training schedule serves as a guideline for our professional players. Individual adjustments are made to accommodate each player. Tournament schedules, training plans are all covered to prepare our pros.


  1. Tennis drills and baselines work
  2. Serves/Point play


  1. Net Play/Tactics
  2. Returns/Point play


  1. Tactics and strategies
  2. Matches and planning


  1. Situation-based attacking games and volley drills
  2. Serve/return and movement


  1. Situation-based baseline drills
  2. Match play


  1. Individual drills and point play
  2. Yoga


You are interested in our yearly training package for professionals and there are still some questions left? Or would you like to get to know each other? We look forward to your message!