A healthy springboard to success

The Tennis University junior players aspire to be part of the next generation of professionals.
National and international talents train at the Tennis University to prepare for their professional tennis career in an environment of excellence. We train in a meticulous manner where all areas of development are extensively fine-tuned during this crucial period in developing a game that matches those on the professional tour.

In addition to year-round contract players, young club junior players also train at Tennis University as part of their regular club training during the week. Individual training plans are created together with the coaching staff, combined with a comprehensive tournament schedule according to each player.

The annual package for contract players is presented here.

Daily/weekly packages for junior and recreational players who want the extra practice
can find information to launch their next step to success, here.

What our junior program is about.


he ambition to grow as a Tennis player, and attain important characteristics in development as a person are important values our juniors to strive for each day.


Our players learn to be courageous through our training. They are not afraid to leave their comfort zone!


In addition to courage, the will of each individual junior plays a major role. The will to improve and accepting the tough road in tennis and to take it head on is testament to an unrestrained will.


The will to improve needs resolute determination. To be aware of, to take on hard work everyday. One day, the resolve will pay off with success.

The path of the young professional

1. Trial lesson

The beginning of our cooperation starts with a trial lesson or week, giving the coaches but above all the player a chance to get to know each other. Do you like the way we train? Then let’s move on to step number 2.

2. Setting goals

We work with you to develop short, medium and long term goals. What technical changes do we have to make with you, and where will you be tactically on the court in 3 months? These questions will take place with close consultation with your coach.

3. Intense tennis and
     fitness training

Intensive tennis and fitness training – a prerequisite for us is that the player fundamentally brings 110% to every training session on and off the court. Are you ready?

4. Training and
     tournament planning

Training and tournament planning – To test your abilities in competitive conditions, our team will plan the right schedule around your training and tournaments.

5. Feedback and

Naturally, we love to receive feedback from you regularly. How do you feel during a match? Were you able to use on court what you trained and learnt into action?

6. Becoming a professional.

6. Becoming a

We recognize your enormous potential and would like to further promote and challenge you, then the last step of the junior is the inclusion in the professional field. From here you can expect more challenges that you have to overcome on the way to becoming a professional athlete on the ITF, ATP or WTA Tour.

Our annual package

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You have completed the trial, have felt comfortable and our way of working has grabbed you? Our coaches can also introduce themselves as the new junior of the tennis university? Then we calmly clarify open questions and last modalities. For example, we will discuss the frequency of training sessions and bring them into line with your schooling and club training and games.

After your contract is signed, we start together in your intense adventure..
What can you expect from our annual package? You will find out in the following section.

  Tennis training

The TU philosophy focuses on individual needs and attention. We have a maximum of 3 players…

…to coach ratio, guaranteeing high quality training sessions.

  Fitness training

Our personal trainers will make sure that your bodies are prepared around your tournaments and training…

…schedules. All injuries are treated carefully in order to get you back onto the court as soon as possible!


We offer our contract players physiotherapy treatments. It is of an utmost importance to us…

…that we maintain healthy athletes on the court.

  Mental coaching

To prepare for the next training, match or tournament in the most optimal way, every athlete must…

…be mentally fit. Mental fitness makes the difference in the important moments of the match. Michael von Kunhardt will be your mental coach supporting you yearlong.

  Nutritional advice

Every percentage point taken into consideration, will benefit the player on the practice court and in the match. This…

…is where our expert nutritional advice comes into maximize and optimize our athletes performance.

  Insoles service

Following on mental coaching and nutritional advice another percentage point is acquired through custom insoles…

…individually manufactured insoles will correct possible foot ailments and balance your movements in order to hit the ball in the right moment. Strike more winners, less errors.

We are looking forward to you!

Are you interested in our junior yearly package, are there any questions left? Would like to get to know each other? We would be happy to get a message from you!