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The principle of our tennis academy “BE THE BEST YOU, YOU CAN BE” means more than just the aim to bring out the personal best of every player. TU´s philosophy and approach stand for passion, devotion and attention to detail. In our endeavour we focus on much more than just the sporting success of our athletes because tennis is not only about being the fastest, strongest or most precise. To us, a key factor in making a player successful is to develop and shape their personality. Conveying and implementing values such as courage, bravery, endurance and strong-will aligned with fairness, respect and tolerance plays a major role in our programs. For that reason we chose the Name Tennis–University to underline that we aim to be much more than just an average tennis academy. Having had decades of experience in world-class sport, the TU team knows the ups and downs of a professional’s life. We have deliberately chosen to support our athletes on the hard road of professional tennis. Even in critical situations, when athletes lose sight of their personal goals, Alexander Waske and his team will be there to support and mentor them.

We look forward to doing the same for you on your journey!


The Alexander Waske Tennis-University (until June 2017 Schüttler Waske Tennis-University) was founded in 2010 by Alexander Waske and Rainer Schüttler in Offenbach am Main. The vision of the long-time Davis-Cup and ATP-player Alexander Waske was to create a tennis academy where all necessary training sessions as well as medical measures are combined and integrated in one place. Waske’s and Schüttler’s valuable experience as tennis professionals provide the academy with a perfect surrounding for talents to develop as a player. Organisational, structural and time management skills are also important factors for a life as an athlete. The concentration of all for the training relevant factors, the expertise of professionals in the team and also the proximity to Frankfurt Airport constitutes a great benefit for all players at TU.

Having started with one coach and one player, TU now trains 30 + players with 11 coaches year round. Besides the regular tennis training at the tennis academy, we also offer camps for young and adult players who want to improve their game and share our passion for the sport. Top-players such as Tommy Haas and Jürgen Melzer regularly stop by the tennis academy to prepare for their matches.


Focusing on the individuality of every player is a key priority in our tennis academy. Every athlete’s personality is unique. Therefore TU does not believe in group training but more in conceptualizing training plans, which are customized to every player. Usually the players absolve 10 tennis sessions per week with a maximum of two players per court – all geared to the fitness level of each player. In addition, several athletic sessions will be taking place during the week to improve the player’s endurance.

Furthermore TU takes pride in having specialized trainers for each department on sight. All workouts are being carried out by qualified and educated trainers. The possibility to implement both mental training and physiotherapy into our programs is an integral component in the holistic approach of our tennis academy. In order to achieve continuous performance and also minimize the risk of injury, each player is provided with an individual long term training program and tournament schedule, taking the player’s age, fitness level and current health into account. Through years of experience and evaluation of the athletes, TU coaching staff has found the perfect balance between tennis and an athletics workout, which has now become the trademark of the TU and makes us stand out against other tennis academies. The constant exchange of information between the various coaches and therapists insures an ideal management of the player’s training load and minimizes the risk of overworking the athletes.


We welcome any passionate tennis player with open arms. Even though TU´s main focus lays in fostering professional tennis players such as Andrea Petkovic, Petra Martic and Philipp Petzschner, we also support young professionals who still go to school but are already on their way to the top. However, like in any other sport, the very basics are learned in the early childhood and adolescence. Therefore we make sure, that our growing junior section gets all the attention and support they need. For several years, the TU has been running tennis camps in the school holidays. All year round Junior Tennis Camps are also available on an individual basis. Though the best way for a youngster to improve as a player would be to participate in our Junior Program throughout the year. Our junior coaches will train the juniors after the same principles our professions do.

Furthermore amateur players as well as tennis teams who love our sport and want to do their pre-season training are also always welcome at TU. Additionally we offer cooperate events where we invite companies who want to experience a unique day on the tennis court with their employees.

As you can see, our academy offers a broad variety of products for passionate tennis players. So get in touch and book your personal package today!