Tennis training amateurs


Not only tennis professionals but also amateur players of all levels are always welcome at our academy. The only requirement is to be passionate and crazy for the tennis sport! Fully equal to our professional training system, including tennis- and athletic training, all our amateur players will pass a professional warm-up session before the first training with one of our TU athletic trainers.

Our weekly training plan includes ca. 10 tennis sessions as well as ca. 10 athletic sessions with different exercises each time. Certainly we will optimize and adjust the plan due to your individual needs.

The TU understands that a professional tennis player will train differently from a 45-year-old amateur who chose to train with us for a week. The level of intensity throughout the week will certainly be adjusted. Furthermore we can offer you a full game analysis from our experts, which includes serve, groundstrokes, smash and volley. A professional tennis video including super-slow motion shots can also be implemented into your regular training session or booked separately on our facility.

Additionally, tennis teams who want to do their pre-season training are also always welcome at TU.