Young TENNIS professionals

Determined young tennis professionals between the ages of 14 to 23, who moved to live in the TU, dedicated their life to focus on their goals. The character of a young tennis player is usually not as developed as the character of an adult. Therefore, it is important to us to give our personal guidance to every single athlete. Therefore a team of coaches is available for our players almost around the clock.

To combine school with the training schedule of a professional athlete can sometimes be very challenging. For our German-speaking players, we created a cooperation with the ‘Kurpfalzgymnasium Mannheim’, a school that offers special classes solely for athletes. Every student gets an individual schedule from the coordinator of the program Christoph Becker. The program is in accordance with the athlete’s personal training and tournament schedule. Additionally, we are working on a similar cooperation for our English-speaking young tennis professionals.

We believe in education as an important part of the character building of young athletes. Therefore one main focus at TU is for all young tennis professionals to complete the German ‘Abitur’. Every two months we receive updates from the teachers about the athlete’s school performance. If they are not performing as we expect them to, practice and/or tournaments will be cancelled and their main focus is back on their schoolwork. As our Young Professionals as well as our Junior Programs are growing rapidly, teachers of the ‘Kurpfalzgymnasium Mannheim’ are already visiting us in Offenbach 1-2 times a month to teach our players on site.